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Web Developer & Designer

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About Design

Web Design is the process of creating an informative webpage on top of a beautiful container. Whether you are in need of a design that cooperates with your business or one that represents you as a person, there's no substitution for a handcrafted design.

Templates offered by hosting companies or design specialists can cost upwards of $1,000 and aren't unique to the customer. I will work with you personally to create a design you're happy with at a much lower cost.

Website Design

Team Eager

Team Eager is a professional eSports organization with teams in multiple Triple-A titles.

I designed the team's primary website and web applications on top of an existing responsive framework (Foundation), content management system (Wordpress), and provided designs and Photoshop templates.

PaperBoy Paper

PaperBoy Paper is a small paper company from the East-Atlanta area.

I developed and managed their website to display inventory, allow PayPal invoicing, and advertise for their company.

The Legion Network

The Legion Network is a website that keeps track of Professional and Amateur Smite eSports teams and their players.

As the head web developer for Legion Network I created a design that closely followed the client's wishes, from color scheme to page layout. In addition to the design, I converted existing images for players and team logos into useable assets for over 150 players and 30 teams.

SPL Elo Ratings

The SPL Elo Ratings is a side project of mine that compares professional Smite teams according to Elo Ratings.

The design of this project is simple yet appealing, as to not get in the way of the data graphs or text analysis.

DJPernicus Mod Elections

The DJPernicus Moderator Elections website was created to serve as a parodic voting platform for the DJPernicus Twitch stream.

With SASS, Javascript, and GIMP I was able to create an electoral theme with responsive design elements.

Next Wave Gaming

Next Wave Gaming is a news and statistic tracking website for Smite and its competitive scene. They have since merged with Smite.Guru

I designed their website to serve Smite related articles, stats, and social media to their visitors in an accessible fashion.

Old Portfolio

My old portolio was created from scratch in a orange and blue color scheme. It illustrated my previous works, just like this page!

You can view the old version by clicking here.

Daggers Loading Screen

This simple webpage is viewed when joining a game server for Garry's Mod. It displays the user's profile picture, in-game statistics, and download progress.

You can view a working example here.