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Web Developer & Designer

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About Programming

Web Applications are programmed web elements used to collect, store, and process data. Applications can range from a simple contact form to a file management platform. Applications are especially useful for businesses who would like to collect visitor data, set up contact forms, or create a social media platforms.

I use the dynamic duo of PHP and MySQL to do just about anything.

Website Programming

Team Eager

Team Eager is a professional eSports organization with teams in multiple Triple-A titles.

I programmed several web applications for the organization that utilized Third Party APIs (Twitch, Twitter, and Game Data) and Relational Databases. In addition to applications, I created the website in a completely modular system that allows the organization to easily add, update, and remove for potential roster changes, sponsor changes, and more.

PaperBoy Paper Control Panel

This website was programmed and designed for PaperBoy Paper to serve as a completely custom inventory management system.

I was tasked to create a system to store users, inventories and their products, invoices, mailing lists, and more for the company. The invoicing system uses the PayPal API to create, store, and process invoices for online customers or to accept payment from cards.

SPL Elo Ratings

After being inspired by a similar project on the NBA, I wanted to see how Elo Ratings could work with Smite Teams. This project required data collection of over 250 professional Smite games by hand!

The project also required me to research the Elo formula as well as goal differential, then recreate it in PHP to automatically calculate the Elo of proffesional teams.

The Legion Network

In addition to designing the website for Legion Network, I built the website's infrastructure with PHP and MySQL. The website used Wordpress for content creators to publish their articles. I created tools for database managers to collect, store, and recall game statistics.

I also created a system to store players and teams for Smite eSports while recording their respective social media accounts. With Twitter and Twitch APIs I was able to create a unique player tracker for the website's users.

DJPernicus Mod Elections

The DJPernicus Moderator Elections website was created to serve as a parodic voting platform for the DJPernicus Twitch stream.

The elections website utilized the Twitch API to confirm candidates were correctly identified by their Twitch accounts. In addition I created a system for applicants to enhance their campaign with YouTube and Twitch player integration, as well as file uploads. A voting system that also used the Twitch API was applied.

Next Wave Gaming

I programmed an intricate system using the Smite API to retrieve and store data on local MySQL servers for provided professional matches.

These statistics were displayed on the Next Wave Gaming website for users to filter, sort, and compare players by their statistical performance.

YouTube URL to MP3

One of my favorite projects, YouTube URL to MP3 is a conversion tool that takes your URL to a YouTube video and gives you an MP3 file of its sound.

It uses YouTube-DL to download YouTube videos into MP4 files, then uses AVConv to convert that MP4 file into an MP3 file.

BluShell Donation System

The BluShell Community is fueled by user donations and I was tasked to create an automated system that used PayPal to process payments. The donation system makes it easy for users to donate while securely processing the payment for in-game rewards.

Many businesses allow users to shop online and using PayPal to checkout is fast and easy.

Team WildCard Tournaments

This website allowed Smite teams to register and compete in tournaments hosted by Team WildCard. I made this application so teams could easily find and sign up for tournaments they were interested in.

The site also allowed teams to customize their logo and fill out their roster before competitions.

BluShell Whitelist System

Players submit application forms in order to be considered, then their responses and name is stored in a MySQL database, which is then displayed to the admins on their control panel. Here, admins may accept the application, deny the application, or flag an application with a note for other admins to review.

The player is then emailed with their result, and then may join the server if accepted.